Vada May Corkery, lifetime member, preparing for ride in Wind River
Canopy Crane gondola.


Membership in the School of Environmental and Forest Sciences Director's Club honors annual donors who contribute $500 or more to the School and lifetime donors who contribute $25,000 or more. With the help of these committed supporters, the School ensures scholarship and recruitment awards for top quality students and the development of new and exciting initiatives. Director's Club members have helped rebuild Merrill Hall, provided funding for the Denman Forestry Issues Series, supported scholarships across the School's programs, helped maintain the collections in the Washington Park Arboretum, and contributed generously to the School's discretionary fund. As a member of the Director's Club, you receive invitations to quarterly events with the Director and other lectures and events, and are recognized annually in the SEFS News. You can become a member of the Director's Club by making a gift to any fund within the School of Environmental and Forest Sciences. For more information on the philanthropic opportunities available at the School, please call 206-543-9505.

Lifetime Members:

B. Bruce and Bonnie Bare
Gordon and Irene Bergum
James and Dorothy Bethel
John and Ann Bethel
Leland Carlisle
Ruth Mary Close
Jack and Vada May Corkery
Paul and Debra Cressman
Paul Cressman and Lee Kraft
Mary Ellen Denman
Jeanne Dryfoos
Alice Eastman
James Ellis
Jane Erkenbeck
Jo Ann Fray
Thomas Friberg and Shannon
Richard and Rhonda Getty
Ardis Grunow
Wayne and Carol Gullstad
Ben and Dorie Harrison
William Hatheway
Thomas and Arline Hinckley
Otis Hyde
Carol Isaacson
Ilga Janson and Michael
Nick Juliano
Kari Kovasin
Michael and Carol Lazara
Robert Lencho
Ruby McLachlan
Carey Miller
William Murdock
Julia Rosmond
Mary Rosmond
Polly Rosmond and Phillip Smith
Nancy Davidson Short
Orin and Althea Soest
Lily and Bobby Takatsuka
Allan Treuer
Samuel Wasser and Elizabeth
Gary and Karla Waterman
John Wott

Annual Members 2007-2008

Ellsworth and Nancy Alvord
Donald and Lorraine Andrews
Steven and Joanne Angell
Richard and Marie Atkins
Helen Ball
B. and Bonnie Bare
John and Charlotte Behnke
Joanna and David Beitel
John and Ann Bethel
Eleanor Boba and Alan Humphrey
Brian Boyle and Susan Whittington
Patrick Boyle and Tracy Fuentes
James Brain and Suzanne Meredith
Deborah and Paul Brainerd
Jacqueline Bricker and Ron Critchfield
Lauren Bricker and Ruben Ortega
John and Judith Calhoun
Elizabeth Campbell
Bonni Canary
Virgil and Edna Carrell
Douglas Chatfield and Kea Rehn
David and Scherry Cherrick
Gyu Choi
Ruth Close
Dale and Raelyn Cole
Jean and Patrick Cummins
Robert and Helen Curtis
Mary Ellen Denman
Eve Dixon
Jeanne Dryfoos
Richard Elliott
Robert Franklin
Thomas Friberg and Shannon Johnson
Ed and Kathy Fries
Maureen Frisch
William and Mimi Gates
James and Carol Green
Ardis Grunow
Wayne and Carol Gullstad
Donald Guthrie
William Hagenstein

Margaret and Benjamin Hall
Robert and Louise Harris
Benjamin and Doris Harrison
William Hatheway
Carolyn Haugen
Elizabeth Hebert
John and Beverly Henderson
Philip Higuera
Arline and Thomas Hinckley
Sara Hinckley
Roger Hoesterey
Richard Hopkins
Charles and Jessie Hotes
James Howard and Nancy Winder
Stanley Hungerford
Daniel and Mary Huntington
Ilga Jansons and Michael Dryfoos
Leroy and Garna Jones
Donna Jordan
Dong Kim
Dong-Jun Kim
Kari Kovasin
Henry Kuharic
James Lassoie and Ruth Sherman
Chun-Man Lee
Jung Lee
Neal Lessenger
Sandra and Anthony Lier
Scott and Susan Lipsky
Ben Lonn
Henry and Lina Louie
Hwan-Ok Ma
Marshall and Joan Marley
Patricia Martin
Ruby McLachlan
Carey Miller
Lynn Moser
Robert and Susan Moss
Diana Neely
John and Lee Neff
Gordon and Susan Nelson
David and Susan Nicol

Carol Orion and R. Wenk
Pil Park
Mark and Katherine Parmelee
Charles Peterson and Susan Sater
Robert and Dianne Polson
Sarah and Brian Reichard
Katherine and Lee Reinleitner
Donald and Carla Reukema
Daniel Ribeiro
Patricia and Walter Riehl
Thomas Rosmond
Walter and Carol Sande
John Sawyer
Christine Scannell
Philip and Therese Schnell
Edward and Linda Schreiner
Bronwyn and Phillip Scott
Carolyn Scott
Marianne Shey
Gary and Judy Shirley
Orin and Althea Soest
Alan Sugino
Allen and Victoria Symington
Lily and Bobby Takatsuka
The Trimble Family Trust
Lenny and Darcy Thompson
David Thorud and Ann Goos
Michelle Tibayan
Robert Trimble
Janet Wainwright
Margaret and Douglas Walker
Samuel Wasser and Elizabeth Welch
Jean Witt
Robert and Janet Witter
Su-Young Woo
John Wott
Jane and Leonard Yerkes
Yeo Youn