COMPUTer Resources

Attaching to the School of Environmental and Forest Sciences Windows Domain from Non-SEFS Computers

This document provides instructions to users who are not directly supported by SEFSIT (School of Environmental and Forest Sciences Information Technology) in accessing resources located on the SEFS Windows Domain (CFR Domain). This document is designed for a wide audience and describes issues in general terms; however any topics are of a technical nature. and assistance from your local computer support staff may be required.

User Account

To access resources on the CFR Domain a user account will be required. For details on obtaining a user account see the CFR NetID page.

TCP/IP Issues

It is recommended that you have Name Resolution with the CFR Domain to simplify interoperability. The CFR Domain uses the University WINS servers:
  • Primary –
  • Secondary –
You may also find it helpful to configure a search domain of

Using UNC Paths

Universal Naming Convention paths (or UNC paths) can be used to connect to resources. The format of a UNC path is [\\Server\Share\Directory\Directory…]. So, to connect to the share bar on the server foo, click Start then Run, in the Open box type \\foo\bar and click OK.

Fully Qualified Domain Names

You will likely need to use Fully Qualified Domain Names (FQDN's) when connecting to the CFR Domain. Our FQDN is "". Therefore if you want to connect to a server named foo in our domain, you would refer to it as

Login Dialogs

When authenticating to the domain you will be presented with either a two or three line login dialog. The two-line dialog prompts for Username and Password, the three-line dialog prompts for Username, Password and Domain. In order to log into the domain from the two-line dialog, respond in the Username prompt with domain\username where username is your assigned username and domain is CFR (i.e. cfr\username).

Printing to the Xerox Multi-Function Copiers from non-SEFS Computers

If you have SEFS business related materials on a personally owned or non-SEFS laptop, follow these instructions to print to the SEFS copiers. The SEFS copiers are for SEFS business use only.

Extent of Support & Supported OS'es

We provide only "Best Effort" support for non-SEFS owned computers (see our Computing Policy for more information).