In Autumn 2018, SEFS will offer seminars on Wednesdays at 3:30 PM in the Forest Club Room (Anderson 207).  These seminars are not for credit and the entire SEFS community is invited.  Please consider attending to learn about current research and interesting projects.

A reception will follow each seminar.  See the schedule of speakers below:

Oct 10 – Briana Abrams
Position: Research Ecologist, NOAA Southwest Fisheries Science Center
Seminar Title: From the Savanna to the Sea: Linking environmental conditions to wildlife movement, fitness, and conservation

Oct 17 – David Diaz
Position: PhD Student, SEFS, UW
Seminar Title: Tradeoffs in Timber, Carbon, and Cash Flow under Alternative Management Systems for Douglas-Fir in the Pacific Northwest

Oct 24 – Jenny Knoth and Elaine O’Neill
Positions: SEFS Alumnae, Green Crow and WA Farm Forestry
Seminar Title: Carbon – Forest science, policy, and practice in the PNW

Oct 31 – Robert Montgomery
Position: Assistant Professor, Michigan State University
Seminar Title: Why big fierce animals are increasingly rare

Nov 7 – Sarah Gergel
Position: Professor and Associate Dean, UBC
Seminar Title: TBD

Nov 14 – Sharon Doty
Position: Professor, SEFS
Seminar Title: The Functional Importance of the Plant Microbiome in Sustainable Forestry, Agriculture, and Bioenergy

Nov 28 – Mark Huff
Position: Inventory & Monitoring Program Mgr, North Coast and Cascades Monitoring Network
Seminar Title: Long-term ecological monitoring of northwest national parks from 2005 to 2018

Dec 5 – Paul Sounders
Position: Photographer
Seminar Title: Arctic Solitaire

Dec 12 – Sara Curran
Position: Professor and Director, CSDE, UW
Seminar Title: Research Reflections @ Demographic & Environment Dynamics