Students at ONRC

Applications are now being accepted for the National Science Foundation’s Coastal Rainforest Margins Research Network (CRMRN) workshop that will be held at the Olympic Natural Resources Center (ONRC) in Forks. ONRC is a research center within the UW School of Environmental and Forest Sciences.

NSF is seeking participants from the fields of forest, plant, disturbance, fire and landscape ecology to share knowledge, information and datasets on the northern Pacific Coastal Temperate Rainforest (NPCTR) ecosystem dynamics and disturbance response, define future paths for collaboration in NPCTR forest and landscape ecology, and work to integrate synthesized information, knowledge, and models with earth science, aquatic, and marine initiatives within CRMRN.

Applications are due Nov. 1, and forms can be found here. Space is limited to 35 participants. Some travel assistance will be available.

This workshop is the fourth in the CRMRN series and will focus on how terrestrial landscapes of the NPCTR of North American will change with altered climate and disturbance dynamics and the feedbacks these changes will have on biogeochemical cycling, nutrient fluxes, and exports to aquatic systems.

The workshop will focus on identifying emerging forest change paradigms in these critical coastal margins, exploring the impacts on biogeochemical processes internal and external to the forest (e.g. aquatic flux), and outlining key geospatial and plot-level information needs (both new data and synthesis/fusion of existing data products) for future research on landscape-level materials flux. CRMRN is generally interested in addressing the following question: How do forest communities, distribution, and disturbance regimes drive current land-to-ocean biogeochemical fluxes across the PCTR, and how will climate-driven changes affect this flux?

To learn more about the workshop, visit the Coastal Margins Network website.