The School of Environmental and Forest Sciences expects its members to:

  • Carry out responsibilities in a professional manner
  • Share ideas honestly, giving credit for methods, ideas, or assistance obtained from others
  • Refrain from knowingly acting in ways that jeopardize either their own or other’s professional welfare
  • Refrain from knowingly making statements that are false, misleading, or deceptive
  • Acknowledge the dignity, worth, and good intentions of all members
  • Preserve confidential information
  • Seek, accept, and offer honest criticism of work
  • Continue professional development throughout their careers and provide opportunities for professional development of those under their supervision
  • Assist colleagues in their professional development

Strive for the highest quality

  • Perform services consistent with best practices and highest standards of quality
  • Share information and best practices with colleagues for the benefit of each other and the School
  • Strive to increase the competence and prestige of the School and its components
  • Acknowledge and correct errors and learn from them

Work together constructively

  • Treat associates with respect even when they disagree on theoretical, methodological, or personal approaches
  • Refrain from passing on gossip
  • Observe widely accepted email guidelines and etiquette
  • Identify and work through disagreements constructively, seeking assistance when needed
  • Seek out and understand other points of view
  • Seek consensus whenever possible
  • Support colleagues and co-workers in following this code

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