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Korena Mafune Receives Dean’s Award for Undergraduate Innovation

On December 18, 2012, Korena Mafune was officially named the very first recipient of the Dean’s Award for Undergraduate Innovation. Selected by the University of Washington College of the Environment Scholarship Committee, Mafune will receive $1,000 for research materials and supplies, and a $1,500 scholarship for tuition and fees, for a $2,500 total award. 

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Using Remote Sensing to Understand Climate Change Effects on Wetland Ecosystems

Semi-arid wetlands might sound like an oxymoron—until you are wading into one surrounded by snow (see right).
Field verifying the condition of such wetlands in the sage-shrub steppe of Douglas County, Wash., is part of a research project led by Meghan Halabisky of Professor Monika Moskal’s Remote Sensing and Geospatial Analysis Lab (RSGAL). 

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Alumni Spotlight: Kristen McIvor

Forget putting a chicken in every pot, or a car in every backyard. Kristen McIvor has a much grander, greener and more sustainable vision for Tacoma: “I would like there to be a garden in every neighborhood that wants one.”
McIvor, who grew up in Kirkland and Spokane, first got involved in community gardening in Tacoma as a Ph.D student with the School of Environmental and Forest Sciences (SEFS). 

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