Brittany Johnson

  • Assistant Professor
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  • Brittany Johnson

    • Assistant Professor

    Research areas

    Soil science; soil chemistry; plant-soil interactions; climate change; fire ecology; forest ecology; hydrology

    B.S., ACS Chemistry, Mathematics (minor), Concordia College, Moorhead, MN
    M.S., Hydrology, University of Nevada, Reno, NV
    Ph.D., Hydrology, University of Nevada, Reno, NV

    Brittany Johnson is currently accepting Master of Science students and self-funded graduate students. 


    • ESRM 210 | Introductory Soils (5) - Autumn
    • SEFS 510 | Graduate Studies in Forest Soils (3) - Spring

    Current Sponsored Projects

    • Examining the lasting effects of land management on forest soil health
      Forest management techniques affect the ecosystem on a myriad of time scales. This project explores the influence of different harvest strategies ten years after implementation at a long-term ecological productivity study site in northern Oregon. Understanding how silvicultural practices change the environment will shine a light on balancing the sustainable use of forestry products with ecosystem productivity.
    • Relationships between soil chemistry, microclimate, and Pinus ponderosa growth
      We are examining the possible origins of noise in tree rings, isotopes, and dendrometer-based increment growth based on differences in soil microclimate, nutrient status, and soil water availability. Initially, we are focusing on Washington State, with plans to later expand this study across the range of PIPO in the western United States.

    Selected publications

    Kwon, H., B.E. Law, C.K. Thomas, B.G. Johnson. 2018. The influence of hydrological variability on inherent water use efficiency in forests of contrasting composition, age, and precipitation regimes in the Pacific Northwest. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 249: 488-500.  Link

    Johnson, B.G., P.S.J. Verburg, and J.A. Arnone III. 2016. Plant species effects on soil nutrients and chemistry in arid ecological zones. Oecologia 182: 299-317.  Link

    Johnson, B.G., P.S.J. Verburg, and J.A. Arnone III. 2014. Effects of climate and vegetation on soil nutrients and chemistry in the Great Basin studied along a latitudinal-elevational climate gradient. Plant and Soil 382 (1-2): 151:163.  Link

    Mensing, S., S. Strachan, J. Arnone III, L. Fenstermaker, F. Biondi, D. Devitt, B. Johnson, B. Bird, and E. Fritzinger. 2013. A network for observing Great Basin climate change. Eos, Transactions American Geophysical Union 94(11): 105–106.  Link

    BG Johnson, DW Johnson, WW Miller, DI Board. 2012. The effects of ash influx on burned and unburned soil water-extractable nutrients using a mechanical vacuum extractor. Soil Science 177(5): 338-344.  Link