Charles Halpern

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  • Charles Halpern

    • Research Professor

    Research areas

    B.S., Biological Sciences/Ecology, Cornell University
    Ph.D., Botany/Plant Ecology, Oregon State University

    Current Sponsored Projects

    • Data/meta-data Archive for the DEMO Study
      Funds from this agreement will support implementation of standard QA/QC protocols on recently collected (2016) data; merger of these with historic data; updates to meta-data; archiving of data and historical documents at OSU-FSDB; and transfer of raw/summary data to USFS-PNW.
    • Long-term Responses of Vegetation to Variable-retention Harvests
      An extensive array of permanent sample plots facilitate periodic assessments of the structural and biodiversity values of these experimental treatments. The supplemental funding provided by this cost-reimbursable agreement will support a 17- to 18-year remeasurement of these plots with a focus on patterns of tree regeneration and their relationships to overstory structure.

    Selected publications

    Cook, J. E., and C. B. Halpern. 2018. Vegetation changes in blown-down and scorched forests 10-26 years after the eruption of Mount St. Helens, Washington, USA. Plant Ecology 219(8): 957-972.

    Rossman, A. K., C. B. Halpern, R. J. Harrod, , L. S. Urgenson, D. W. Peterson, and J. D. Bakker. 2018. Benefits of thinning and burning for understory diversity vary with spatial scale and time since treatment. Forest Ecology and Management 419: 58-78.

    Celis, J., C. B. Halpern, A. F. Jones. 2017. Intraspecific trait variation and the differential decline of meadow species during conifer encroachment. Plant Ecology 218:565-578.

    Urgenson, L. S., C. M. Ryan, C. B. Halpern, J. D. Bakker, R. T. Belote, J. F. Franklin, R. D. Haugo, C. R. Nelson, and A. E. M. Waltz. 2017. Visions of restoration in fire-adapted forest landscapes: lessons from the Collaborative Forest Landscape Restoration Program. Environmental Management 59(2): 338-353.

    Baker, S. C, C. B. Halpern, T. J. Wardlaw, C. Kern, G. J. Edgar, R. J. Thomson, R. E. Bigley, J. F. Franklin, K. J. K. Gandhi, L. Gustafsson, S. Johnson, B. Palik, T. A. Spies, E. A. Steel, J. Weslien, and J. Strengbom. 2016. A cross-continental study of plant and beetle responses to retention of forest patches during timber harvest. Ecological Applications 26: 2493-2504 doi: 10.1002/eap.1406