Daniel Vogt

  • Associate Professor
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  • Daniel Vogt

    • Associate Professor

    Research areas

    Soil and ecosystem ecology; natural, disturbed, and sustainable ecosystems

    B.S., Biology, New Mexico State University
    M.S., Agronomy (Soils), New Mexico State University
    Ph.D., Forestry, University of Washington


    • ESRM 304 | Environmental and Resource Assessment (5) - Spring
    • ESRM 311 | Soils and Land Use (3) - Autumn
    • ESRM 410 | Forest Soils and Site Productivity (5) - Spring
    • SEFS 507 | Soils and Land Use (4) - Autumn

    Selected publications

    Grand LA, Hayes MP, Vogt KA, Vogt DJ, Yarnold PR, Richter KO, Anderson CD, Ostergaard EC, Wilhelm JO. 2017. Identification of habitat controls on northern red-legged frog populations: Implications for habitat conservation on an urbanizing landscape in the Pacific Northwest. Ecological Processes 6: 44-57 doi: 10.1186/s13717-017-0111-7  Link

    Gmur S, Vogt DJ, Vogt KA, Suntana A. 2013. Effects of different sampling scales and selection criteria on modelling net primary productivity of Indonesian tropical forests. Environmental Conservation 41(2):187-197.  Link