Kristiina Vogt

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  • Kristiina Vogt

    • Professor

    Research areas

    Linking social and natural science; Reserves; Conservation

    B.S., Biology, University of Texas
    M.S., Biology, New Mexico State University
    Ph.D., Biology, New Mexico State University

    Kristiina Vogt is currently accepting graduate students. 


    • ESRM 101 | Forests and Society (5) - Autumn, Spring

    Selected publications

    Vogt DJ, Vogt KA, Gmur SJ, Scullion JJ, Suntana AS, Daryanto S, Sigurdardottir. 2016. Vulnerability of tropical forest ecosystems and forest dependent communities to drought. Environmental Research 144:27-38.

    Nackley LL, KA Vogt, S-H Kim. 2014. Arundo donax water use and photosynthetic responses to drought and elevated CO2. Agricultural Water Management 136: 13-22.

    Scullion J, K Vogt, A Sienkiewicz, S Gmur, C Trujillo. 2014. Assessing the influence of land cover change and conflicting land-use authorizations on ecosystem conversion on the forest frontier of Madre de Dios, Peru. Biological Conservation 171:247-258.

    Gmur, SJ, Vogt, DJ, Vogt, KA, and Suntana AS. 2013. Effects of different sampling scales and selection criteria on modelling net primary productivity of Indonesian tropical forests. Environmental Conservation 41(2):1-11.