Stanley Asah

  • Associate Professor
    • 206-685-4960
  • Stanley Asah

    • Associate Professor

    Research areas

    Human dimensions of natural resource management; human environment systems analyses; environmental social psychology

    B.S., Agricultural Mechanization and Operations Management, University of Dschang
    M.S., Water Resources Science, University of Minnesota
    Ph.D., Human Dimensions of Natural Resource Management, University of Minnesota


    • ESRM 200 | Society and Sustainable Environments (5) - Winter
    • ESRM 371 | Environmental Sociology (5) - Autumn
    • SEFS 504 | Research Processes in Forest Resources (4) - Spring

    Current Sponsored Projects

    Selected publications

    Asah, S.T. 2015. Transboundary Hydro-Politics and Climate Change Rhetoric: An Emerging Hydro-Security Complex in the Lake Chad Basin. WIREs Water: Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews 2:37-45.  Link

    Stanley T. Asah. 2015. Post 2015 Development Agenda: Human Agency and the Inoperability of the Sustainable Development Architecture. Journal of Human Development and Capabilities 16(4): 631-636.  Link

    Steiner Davis, M,L.E, Asah, S.T., Fly, M.. 2015. Family Forest Owners’ Forest Management Understandings: Identifying Opportunities and Audiences for Effective Outreach and Education. Forest Science 61(1):105-113.  Link

    Asah, ST, Lenentine, M.M., Blahna, D.J. 2014. Benefits of Urban Landscape Eco-Volunteerism: Mixed Methods Segmentation Analysis and Implications for Volunteer Retention. Landscape and Urban Planning 123:108-113.  Link

    Asah, ST. 2014. Professionals’ Perspectives: Exporing the Occupational and Organizational Psychology of Community-Agency Interactions in Forest Fire Management.  Forestry: An International Journal of Forest Research 87(4):552-561.  Link