HSERV 488: Dark Empire: Race, Health & Society in Britain
Study Abroad Virtual Summer B program July 26-Aug 20, 2021

Program Director: Clarence SpignerProfessor, Dept of Health Services, H-690d, Health Sciences Building, 206-616-2948, cspigner@u.washington.edu and Alex Tu Khoifish@u.edu  

Tale of Two Nations:  Year of COVID-19 & Black Lives Matter in England and America

Description: Retrospectively traces the year-long chronology of the COVID-19 pandemic response in the UK as a nation with a centralized health care system (National Health Services) with more than 66 million people to U.S.’s market-oriented health system and more than 330 million people. We explore through virtual tours the Johnson (UK) and Trump (US) administration handling of the pandemic in conjunction, with Black Lives Matter activism in both nations.

Questions: (1) Can a nation with universal access to health and a centralized health delivery system address the ravages of the COVID-19 pandemic better than a market-oriented decentralize health system? (2) Can a nation which abolished slavery in through Parliamentary debate have better race-relations than a nation which fought a Civil War over it?

Lecture/Discussion; Classes meet Mon-Thu, 4 hours per day for 4 weeks.

Problem Based Learning:  Student cohorts collect and analyze material from sources such as journals, government documents; Lancet, British Medical Journal, Guardian, BBC, CNN, Al Jazeera, London Times, NPR, USA Today, Washington Post, et al.

Cohort presentations: Randomly assigned from a list of more than 25 public health topics that encompass aspects related to the basic questions on health and race in the two nations: Topics such as (1) Political response to Black Lives Matter & COVID; (2) Royal Plight of Meghan and Harry; (3) Grenfell Fire; (4) BIPOC & BAME; (5) Defiance to the Lockdown; (6) Killing Sarah Everard, et al.

Week 1 Constructing “Race”: Plague; Slave trading; Biblical bigoty; Biological racism;
Week 2 White Supremacy: White Man’s Burden; Contradictions to democracy; Capitalism
Week 3 Fear of the Dark: Eugenics; Emigrants & Immigrants; Go back!; Fight back!
Week 4 Student Presentations

Tuition $750                                                           Study Abroad Administration Fee $450

For Information, Please link to : https://washington.zoom.us/rec/share/gLyWS0nDrl-0oIhPjnuB188QE4yfNvmeYS1NarsZPHACluzhckFQQa7UafTxigtW.6xMPdiFQklgGuO4v