Do you want to actively engage with science communication with your research? FieldNotes is seeking both written and visual submissions for our Spring 2021 issue! We aim to provide a platform for undergraduates to practice science communication. We accept pieces about your own research, their own perspectives on research, or environmental topics in the Pacific Northwest.
Our editorial board will work with you to edit your piece throughout the quarter and will be featured at the end of the quarter in our Spring issue in both digital and print forms.

Submission Details
We welcome submissions from all UW majors and colleges. We’re looking for research surrounding environmental/biological research, however your research does not have to be strictly those topics! As long as your research/research experience incorporates some element of environmental/biological research, we’d love to publish your work!
To be considered for our journal, please submit a short abstract/pitch for your piece to this Google form. To get an idea of the type of articles we publish, check out our Autumn 2020 issue. In addition, we’re holding an informal interest meeting this Friday at 2 pm (zoom link here) if you have any questions about publishing, or are interested in what we do at FieldNotes!

Contributing to the journal is a full-quarter commitment, so we expect authors to meet deadlines, respond to feedback on time, and communicate with the editorial board throughout the quarter. The submission deadline HAS BEEN EXTENDED and is now April 18th (4/18) at midnight.