Round River is going back to our roots for a new Spring 2021 student program in the stunning Sky Islands of the Southwest US. The COVID-19 pandemic remains challenging, and the ability to join local partners abroad is impossible at least during the Fall 2020 semester. We hope to return to Botswana, Belize, and Patagonia for the Spring 2021 semester, and the Taku River and Mongolia as soon as next summer and will make final decisions whether this is possible for the Spring by November 1st.

The initialĀ Sky IslandĀ Borderlands ProgramĀ will operate in the United States and be a full three-month semester. It will run from early February to early May and will provide fiveĀ courses for 15 semester credits. We have chosen this partnership because it offers a unique and timely blend of policy and ecological considerations, and the beautiful, fragile landscape is exactly the kind of big, wild place Round River likes to work. Our students will be a solid addition to the already great efforts of theĀ Sky Island Alliance.

We received praise for our dealing of the student and staff evacuations in March and the decisions surrounding that time. We are putting the same caution and care regardingĀ COVID-19 risk into our planning for the Spring programs. By their nature, our programs are relatively safe from illness because of our small group size, remote and rural locations, and being outside most of the time. For more information, see ourĀ COVID-19 Policies.

PleaseĀ contact Alexandra Diemer, our Outreach Director, with any questions or concerns and we look forward to continuing to work with you and your students.

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Program Dates

Our first Sky Island Borderlands program is scheduled for Spring 2021, beginning in early February and ending in early MayĀ (exact dates TBD).

Courses Offered (15 Semester Credits):

  • Natural History
  • Applied Conservation Biology
  • Introduction to Biological Field Methods
  • Applied Ecology
  • Humans and the Environment

ProgramĀ Costs

  • $17,980 Tuition and Fees (includes tuition, room and board, project research fees and equipment, ground transportation, and evacuation insurance).Ā This is a $1,300 reduction in cost from the regular $19,280 semester tuition and fees.
  • $750 Westminster College registration fee.

The world remains in need of young people understanding and stewarding the finite land and wildlife resources of our planet.
We accept applications on a rolling basis and spots will be limited!