Greetings, I’m hoping this finds you well!

I wanted to highlight a collaborative opportunity that I would love to pursue with a BGCI member garden in 2021 and beyond.

BGCI-US and the Garden Club of America has launched the first call for applications for a Fellowship in Conservation Horticulture for undergraduate students (deadline January 15, 2021). This fellowship aims to build experience at the intersection of plant conservation, horticultural practices, and public outreach and education.

This fellowship uniquely allows us to place students at any garden in the U.S. and aims to meet a wide variety of goals for the host garden and BGCI while providing critical training and exposure for the student. In light of COVID-19, we are planning to work with an appropriate host garden staff person to design a set of projects that can be accomplished remotely (as needed) in 2021, including possible projects like a conservation assessment of living collections, creating conservation-themed educational content, etc. Ultimately, we’d like to meet the needs and interests of the student and host garden.

A few actions I am hoping you will consider:

1. Promote this to any qualified undergraduate students your garden has worked with, to build on their experience with you.

2. Promote this to local families, colleges and universities to build new connections, especially in underserved communities.

3. Let me know if your garden has a specific interest in hosting a student (project ideas also welcome) and I can note that as a potential future option for applicants.

We are grateful to the Garden Club of America for providing this exciting opportunity, and I look forward to discussing further with your team.


Many thanks and best wishes for this and next year,


Abby Meyer

Executive Director

Botanic Gardens Conservation International U.S.

at The Huntington Library, Art Museum & Botanical Gardens, San Marino, CA

+1 308-293-1782