All choirs in the School of Music are delighted to welcome students from across campus, no auditions (or add codes!) required!  For those who wish to be around other people, (while following all COVID protocols for masking and social distancing, etc.) some of the choirs have limited in-person rehearsals which are meeting in the Padelford Parking Garage!

Every choir sings repertoire that covers all voice ranges, with two exceptions:

MUSEN 201 Treble Choir: Welcomes students of any gender identity who sing in the Soprano/Alto range.

MUSEN 200 Glee Club: Welcomes students of any gender identity who sing in the Tenor/Bass range.

Questions?  Not sure which choir would suit you best?  Please email our choral faculty:

Dr. Giselle Wyers:

Dr. Geoffrey Boers:

More details and CORRECTED SLNs in the chart below: 

MUSEN 100 A 

University Singers 

MUSEN 200 

Glee Club 

MUSEN 201 

Treble Choir 


Gospel Choir 

Mon: 3:30-4:50p ZOOM
Wed: F2F groups between 3:30-4:50p

Tue/Thu 5:30-6:50p


Tue/Thu 5:30-7:30p


Mondays 6:30-8:20p


SLN: 17658 SLN: 17661 SLN: 17662 SLN: 17659

MUSEN 307 

Recital Choir 

MUSEN 350 

University Chorale 

MUSEN 351 

Chamber Singers 

In-person octets will be available for those students who wish to participate in safe, F2F singing in accordance to state, federal, institutional, and CDC Guidelines.
Tue: 4:30-5:20p ZOOM
Thu: F2F groups between 4:30-5:20p
Mon: F2F groups between between 3:30-5:00p
Wed: 3:30-5:00p ZOOM
W: 12:30-1:20p ZOOM
M/T/TH: F2F groups on one of these days
SLN: 17673 SLN: 17684 SLN: 17685