Hello All,

My name is Brian Bartley and I served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in the Gambia West Africa. The Peace Corps works with farmers, families and communities around the world to increase food security and adapt to climate change. During my service I had the unique opportunity to work directly with the government of my host country (The Gambia) to shape coastal zone monitoring and potable water access at a national scale.

Peace Corps Service is a two year overseas commitment. Your service will require you to use the hard skills you’ve learned in undergrad. Most volunteers will also develop project management, grant writing and reporting experience. Travel, training, healthcare are all provided during your service. After completing service Peace Corps Volunteers are eligible for preferential hiring by the Federal Government and can apply for Coverdell Fellowships to help with Graduate School. Student Loan assistance is available for certain loans.

I will be hosting a zoom information session for University of Washington College of the Environment students at 3pm on Monday December 7th. I welcome you to register and join me at this link.

More information can be found at