Marine Subtidal Ecology FHL Course Info Session
Tuesday, 1/26
4:30-5:15 PM Pacific Standard Time


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Are you excited about exploring the world beneath the waves and investigating questions about how and where subtidal creatures live? In Marine Subtidal Ecology (FHL 468), you will explore the temperate nearshore subtidal through a combination of interactive lectures and labs, field research activities, and a group research project that addresses one aspect of a broader class-wide question. Field research activities will put students in the water and provide training in the techniques subtidal researchers use to do science underwater. Expect to get wet and salty, safely! If you don’t yet have a favorite marine organism in the Salish Sea, you certainly will by the end of this course.


Join academic advisers and the teaching team of the Summer B-Term FHL course: Marine Subtidal Ecology for an information session. This is a chance for students to get in the water to do marine biology at the world renowned Friday Harbor Labs for a 5 week intensive course (FHL 468, 9 credits). Note that in contrast to prior offerings, dive experience is not required (there will be an option for snorkeling). Scientific diver training for qualified students is a possibility, but is currently pending updated COVID-19 safety guidelines for summer B term.

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