We’re writing to inform you that the following course has opened a section requiring in-person attendance in Winter quarter for students who wish to enroll in a course with an in-person component.

Section C of NURS 210 Science, Evidence, and Health will require in-person attendance in the seminar section and is available to all undergraduates.

·       Offered Winter 2021 (SLN: 22142)

·       5 credit class with seminar

·       Online class MW 10:30-11:30 (1-hr synchronous) + 2-hr asynchronous/week

·       1-credit project-based seminar will meet weekly on Weds from 1:30-2:20, with  1 to 2 in-person sessions held as outdoor, socially distanced activities in March

·         Fulfills the NW, I&S, and DIV requirement.

·         Available to ALL undergrad majors

·         Link to more course information is here: http://www.tiny.cc/nurs210

Sections A and B will remain as online only.

The course explores health topics of interest to undergrads and its goal is to help students develop skills and knowledge to become more critical consumers of health information in their daily lives.  The course will be interactive and practical.

This is the second time we are offering this course. It was well-received by students last year when it was offered for the first time.  Last year’s students provided these comments at the end of the class:

  • ‘Loved this class! I learned so much––it went by too fast!’
  • ‘Thank you!! This class has been truly educational!! We appreciate you guys!’
  • ‘Thank you for an amazing class!’
  • ‘Thank you so much! I learned a lot from this class that’s actually useful and relatable in real life :)’

NURS 210 FLYER v3 2020