I am a Science Communication and Outreach Specialist for the Pacific Northwest and Pacific Island Regions of the US Fish and Wildlife Service and I have an EXCITING opportunity for students!!

We have EXTENDED the abstract deadline!

Undergraduate and graduate students have the opportunity to present their research at 2021 Science Of The Service virtual conference. Science Of The Service is an event celebrating work conducted and applied by the Service, and this year we are inviting undergraduate and graduate students with projects addressing fish and wildlife issues in the Pacific Northwest and Pacific Islands to present their work as well. We have divisions that manage fisheries, endangered species, migratory birds, administer our National Wildlife Refuges, and consider the impacts on all resources by a changing climate; and we rely on good science to inform our management decisions. Attached is a flyer that contains all the necessary information for submitting an abstract. Since this event is virtual, there will be NO REGISTRATION FEE.

This conference will give participating students first-hand insight into the exciting science conducted by Service employees in our region. It’s also an excellent opportunity to network with Service employees. I attended this conference as a graduate student (2017 and 2018) before joining the Service as a full-time employee in 2019. I was able to meet many scientists whom I’ve formed a working relationship with through that experience. I highly encourage student participants, especially graduate students, to reach out to presenters about potential collaborations and/or internship opportunities.

For more information regarding Science of the Service, or if you have any questions regarding the appropriateness of an abstract, please feel free to contact me, Nicole Hams at Nicole_Hams@fws.gov

SOTS_Student FlyerAdditionally, we are working to increase student opportunities on a regional level. If you or a colleague would like to be a part of our regional student opportunities mailing list, please let me know.