The Canadian Studies Center has generous funding opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students to study in Canada – in person and virtually! Both of the programs described below have very high rates of success for UW applicants – and still have spaces available.

Through the Corbett Exchange Program, students are awarded $10,000 to spend an academic year at either the University of British Columbia or the University of Victoria. This program is open to undergraduate and graduate students from any field of study. Students will learn, through immersive experience, about the Canada-US relationship and the shared culture and values of the Pacific Northwest. In the event that cross-border travel doesn’t resume by fall 2021, students will be awarded $5,000 to spend one semester on exchange. If in-person travel doesn’t resume during the 2021-2022 academic year, we are excited to offer a virtual exchange program with an accompanying award of $2,000.

Applications for the Corbett Exchange Program are due January 31.

The Killam Fellowship Program awards undergraduate students $5,000 per semester ($10,000 for an academic year) to study at one of 20 Canadian universities (full list here). Additional benefits of the program include two enrichment seminars held in Ottawa, ON and Washington D.C., and the Killam Fellowship Program will give students an allowance to offset the cost of health insurance and additional funds for travel. Awards will be honored even if students are only able to complete their exchange online.

Applications for the Killam Fellowship Program are due January 31.

Any questions about these programs, or how to apply, should be directed to