Summer 2020
Full Term
Thursdays 11:00am-2:10pm
6/25; 7/2; 7/9; 8/13; 8/20
Also includes other asynchronous lectures and online materials, which students can review and engage with on their own time.

5 credits, no prereqs
All Students Welcome!
Instructor contact: P. Sean McDonald,
Advisor contact: Ana Wieman

This class explores challenges this growing industry faces as it addresses environmental concerns including water and air quality; energy use; waste discharge; pesticide use; and impacts on wetlands, rivers, fisheries and plants. We will also explore differences in indoor and outdoor growing operations and extraction markets, the impact of various degrees of legalization among States, as well as the impact of particular policy decisions on this burgeoning industry.

What you can expect:  Discussions sparking from both the popular press and scholarly articles; Q & A with growers, regulators, lobbyists, and scientists; independent/team projects; and lots of in-class activities.

"The reading on Northern California was also eye-opening in terms of what landscape degradation is happening in Humboldt county. Not to mention the readings on social disparities and injustices for people of color really helped me get a grasp on the full extent of the historical references of cannabis. " Student, SU19

“I liked that there were guest speakers every class session. To see people from the cannabis industry first hand was really cool and it was nice that we were able to get answers to questions that you may not be able to find…" Student, SU19

"This class definitely taught me to consider … a topic that is normally taboo. It was intellectually stimulating because I was able to engage in conversations … that made me think of things I wouldn’t have on my own.” Student, SU19

"(The class) definitely did challenge me to think beyond things I had already learned about the industry outside of the classroom. I especially liked hearing from our guest speakers with different insights on their business.”  Student, SU19

Flyer: Class Flyer SU 2020 Final