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Dr. Aletris Neils

Dr. Neils is a wildlife ecologist and conservation biologist with 20 years of experience working with carnivores all over the world. In 2008, she founded Conservation CATalyst, a nonprofit organization dedicated to research, education, and conservation pertaining to the world’s cats and other carnivores. Dr. Neils has worked for federal and state agencies, universities, nonprofit organizations, zoological institutions and can’t wait to share her passion and knowledge with students on the Sky Islands Program in Spring 2021.

Sky Islands

Check out the Conservation CATalyst video on jaguar conservation below.

Jaguar Conservation in Arizona

Ready to log off your computer, grab your hiking boots and study outside?

15 quarter credits | 10 semester credits
Spring 2021: April 8 – May 22, 2021
This spring, students will spend six-weeks unraveling the mysteries of the elusive and wonderfully fascinating neotropical apex predators (northern jaguars and ocelots) that once roamed throughout this rugged region in great numbers as our program traverses the Madrean Sky Islands to the Grand Canyon! Our newest USA-based program offers an exciting chance for students to gain hands-on experience in endangered wildlife research and active conservation initiatives while exploring the diverse ecosystems of the southwest.
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We are actively accepting undergraduate, post-undergraduate and gap year students.