Declaring a Major in Bioresource Science and Engineering (BSE)

The Bioresource Science and Engineering (BSE) Degree is an accredited engineering program at the School of Environmental and Forest Sciences. Keep in mind that the BSE major is a capacity-constrained major. Starting in autumn 2018, students interested in BSE must apply through the College of Engineering through the Direct to College Admission (DTC) process.


Students should prepare for their studies by following a few key steps, meet with us to learn about the degree program and facilities, and use these tips to help them navigate the admissions process at UW.

Applying to the UW

All students who would like to study Bioresource Science and Engineering must first be admitted to the University of Washington. Application information can be found on the UW Admissions website. Admission to the UW is competitive and applicants are evaluated on a number of factors. These include grade point average, test scores and academic preparation as well as personal achievements and characteristics.

Incoming students are admitted to the UW during autumn, winter, spring* and summer quarters, although most are admitted in autumn quarter. Students should sure to check the deadlines for the quarter they hope to be admitted and start working early to get materials together in order to apply on time. There are also a number of scholarships available for incoming students through Environmental and Forest Sciences, as well as in the College of the Environment.

Once a student has been admitted to UW, the Environmental and Forest Sciences undergraduate adviser should be emailed. Let the adviser know for which quarter the student has been admitted. Return the confirmation deposit.

TIP: Be sure to read all letters and materials carefully. It is easy to miss a vital step in this process. Once confirmed, students will be able to sign up for an Advising and Orientation Session (A&O). Students will not be able to register for courses until they have completed the A&O session, so be sure to sign up early.

*Spring quarter is only open to applicants in specific engineering departments. Students may submit a paper application to the UW Office of Admissions for spring quarter admission only if they are also applying for spring quarter direct entry.

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