At the School of Environmental and Forest Sciences (SEFS), we are proud to provide cutting-edge knowledge and leadership for environmental and natural resource issues in the Pacific Northwest and around the world. Whether our faculty and students are pioneering sustainble forest products and management, or investigating the impacts of climate change on vulnerable species and ecosystems, our campus is constantly buzzing with ideas and innovation. Our fields of study are so diverse, in fact, that one of the biggest challenges is making sure everyone outside our halls–from prospective students and alumni to local residents, reporters and industry leaders–knows all of the incredible work going on here every day.

To help spread the word and highlight these great stories and the people behind them, we’re excited to introduce “Offshoots.”

The goal of this blog is to cover as much of the SEFS community as possible and open a window into our classrooms, labs and research centers. That means sharing photos and news stories about students and faculty in the field, staff in action, research projects and grants, new publications and class offernings, updates and profiles of alumni, links to related sites and posts, and all the images and scenes in between.

Working in partnership with the College of the Environment and the broader University of Washington community, our hope is to capture and represent everything in the SEFS spectrum. So as we cast our net in search of stories and photos, we encourage you to shoot us an email with any ideas or comments.

Thanks for reading, and we hope you stay connected!