Forest Club Coloring BookThis spring, several UW Forest Club members starting putting together the first few pages of a coloring book about forest trees and plants. They began the project as part of an Earth Day nature walk, and some of the featured species so far include a sequoia, western red cedar, Douglas-fir and a sword fern.

The idea came about as a way to get kids excited and educated about forests, so the drawings also include some fun facts, including the scientific name and other identification details (like the “sinewy bark” and “droopy, scale-like leaves” of a western red cedar.) And now that the Forest Club has a few sketches laid out, they’re thinking it would be fun to complete a full book.

“We have a mission to be passionate about nature and help our planet,” says Forest Club President Kaitlyn Schwindt, “and it’s important for us to pass that down to the next generation. A coloring book is simple, but it could be fun for kids to get some forest exposure.”

New logo design for SEFS pint glasses and sweatshirts.

Eventually, the Forest Club hopes to have the book for sale alongside other SEFS garb and merchandise. But to help fill out the remaining pages and complete the project, they’re soliciting sketches and ideas from all interested faculty, staff and students. Send them an email if you’d like to pitch an idea or drawing!

The coloring book isn’t the only crafts project keeping the Forest Club busy. They also recently designed a new SEFS logo for pint classes and hoodies, so keep an eye out for the fresh look!

Coloring Book Page and Logo © UW Forest Club.