A School of Environmental and Forest Sciences graduate student was the only student from the school to be named to the 2019 Husky 100.

Catherine Kuhn, a PhD student, is studying global environmental change in rivers, lakes and streams. Through her research, she is developing new methods combining satellite data, field surveys and big data analysis to understand how inland waters are responding to human activities.

“I am equally committed to creating institutional change in order to make science a safer and more inclusive space,” Kuhn said. “I am proud to be at an institution that prizes innovation alongside equity, and I believe diversity can catalyze scientific innovation and growth.”

The Husky 100 award recognizes 100 undergraduate and graduate students from across all three University of Washington campuses for making a difference inside and outside the classroom. Kuhn is one of seven students on the list from the UW College of the Environment. More than 1,800 nominations and more than 600 applications were received during this year’s highly competitive selection process.

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