A UW School of Environmental and Forest Sciences student was chosen as one of nine undergraduate students to be chosen as a 2019 Bonderman Travel Fellow.

Thadeus Sternberg, an environmental science and resource management (ESRM) with departmental honors student, plans to explore how people around the world rely on their natural spaces and resources, and how environmental protection laws may differ among countries.

The fellowship, created in 1995 by UW alumnus David Bonderman, allows students to independently explore two regions and six countries which which they are not familiar over the course of eight months. The Bonderman aims to inspire individual transformation by expanding the fellow’s understanding of themselves and the complex, diverse and interconnected world we live in.

He also wants to see how a combination of government, citizens, and indigenous people manage these unique and often imperiled places. Thadeus developed his knowledge of the United States’ laws regarding land use, park systems, and endangered species through studies in resource management and wildlife conservation.

Sternberg, who’s from Newbury, New Hampshire, hopes to visit countries with unique ecosystems, including areas of Asia, South America and Africa.

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