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Lauren Satterfield

A School of Environmental and Forest Sciences student has been named as a recipient of a prestigious NASA fellowship that funds student research projects in the fields of Earth and planetary sciences and astrophysics.

Lauren Satterfield, a Ph.D. student with SEFS, will combine NASA data on forest canopies with GPS collar data from predators and their prey to understand the role these animals play in regulating the amount of fuel and severity of wildlife areas across Washington and the Pacific Northwest.

This NASA project will allow me to take my Ph.D. work, which focuses on understanding predator-predator and predator-prey interactions, and apply it in an exciting new direction with potentially widespread implications for how we manage for fire in the future,” Satterfield told UW News. “Long-term, I seek to use ecology and predictive modeling to address issues of global climate change in ecosystems heavily influenced by people.”

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