Bernard Bormann, left, and Fred Hoyt were reappointed and appointed, respectively, to leadership positions within SEFS.

The UW School of Environmental and Forest Sciences are proud to announce the reappointment of the director of the Olympic National Resources Center (ONRC) and the hiring of the director of the University of Washington Botanic Gardens (UWBG).

Bernard Bormann was reappointed as the director of ONRC, and Fred Hoyt, who was previously the interim director of UWBG, is now the director of UWBG and holds the Soest Chair for Urban Horticulture.

ONRC is located on the Olympic Peninsula in Forks, Washington, and provides scientific information and services to address critical issues relating to forestry and aquatic resources. It serves as a catalyst for interdisciplinary and collaborative work, bringing expertise from forestry, ocean, and fishery sciences together with local commercial interests for the benefit of the rural and urban communities on Washington’s outer coast.

UWBG includes the Washington Park Arboretum and the Center for Urban Horticulture (CUH). The 230-acre arboretum includes a vibrant collection of more than 40,000 plants from around the world with trails to explore and programs for youth and adults. CUH  includes demonstration gardens and natural areas, and also houses the Elisabeth C. Miller Library, Otis Douglas Hyde Herbarium, and the Washington Rare Plant Care and Conservation Program. UWBG is a unit within the UW School of Environmental & Forest Sciences.