Still image courtesy of the Woodland Park Zoo
Dave the Giraffe enjoying his poplars.

Northwest biofuels have a new fan: Dave the giraffe!

Dave, one of the giraffes at the Woodland Park Zoo, starred in a recent video in which he eats leaves from a hybrid poplar tree in the Giraffe Barn, a behind-the-scenes location at the Zoo.

The UW School of Environmental and Forest SciencesBioresource Science and Engineering (BSE) faculty worked with the zoo to provide more leafy and woody vegetation to its animals. Poplar is grown in the Pacific Northwest for biofuel production. The Zoo worked with GreenWood Resources, Inc., who allowed Zoo staff to collect surplus hybrid poplar.

The Zoo is working with GreenWood to plant more willow and poplar on the property to give to animals like Dave. The video is courtesy of the Woodland Park Zoo and can be viewed on the SEFS Facebook page.