Jessica Hernandez interviews a UW student for her podcast, Indigenizing Urban Seattle.
Dorothy Edwards/Crosscut
Dorothy Edwards/Crosscut

To say UW School of Environmental and Forest Sciences graduate student Jessica Hernandez is busy would be an understatement. Not only is she a National Science Foundation graduate research fellow and doctoral student at SEFS, she’s also sharing her scientific knowledge and Indigenous background through a podcast, called Indigenizing Urban Seattle.

Hernandez, who is Indigenous Latinx, has focused her dissertation on restoring Daybreak Star Indian Cultural Center‘s Bernie Whitebear Garden “by replacing invasive plants with Native plants that once dominated the ecosystem and offered sustenance,” according to a story Crosscut recently wrote about her.

Hernandez told the publication that she started the podcast to share with the world the voices she was hearing while conducting research rather than keeping them in the “academic vault.”

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