“Ecological Silviculture: Foundations and Applications”

UW School of Environmental and Forest Sciences emeritus professor Jerry Franklin has published a new book on silviculture, which is the growing and cultivation of trees.

“Ecological Silviculture: Foundations and Applications” is published by Waveland Press and Franklin wrote the book with fellow authors Brian J. Palik, Anthony W. D’Amato and K. Norman Johnson.

“Classical silviculture has often emphasized timber models, fundamentally based in production agriculture,” the description of the book reads. “This book presents silvicultural methods based in natural forest models—models that emulate natural disturbances and development processes, sustain biological legacies, and allow time to take its course in shaping stands. These methods, dubbed ‘ecological forestry,’ have been successfully implemented by foresters for decades managing a wide variety of forestlands. Ecological silvicultural strategies protect threatened and rare species, sustain biological diversity, and provide habitat for game and non-game species, all while providing timber in profitable ways.”

The book is a follow-up to a book previously authored by Franklin, Johnson and Debora L. Johnson, called “Ecological Forest Management.”