Olivia Sanderfoot, Ph.D. student at SEFS, talked with the Seattle Times about where the birds have gone while western Washington is enveloped in wildfire smoke.

Amidst the wildfire smoke that’s poured into Seattle and western Washington recently, you may have noticed some neighbors are missing: The birds.

Turns out, they’re a lot like us. UW School of Environmental and Forest Sciences Ph.D. student Olivia Sanderfoot told the Seattle Times that most birds are likely hunkering down and seeking shelter in interior spaces until the smoke clears.

“My best guess is that birds are going to hang out more in interior spaces, reduce their activities and hunker down until it gets better, and it feels safe for them to forage,” she told the newspaper.

Sanderfoot’s dissertation is on birds and particle pollution, including fire smoke.

In the story, a number of other bird watchers and researchers weigh in on just where the birds have gone. Read the full story here.