A UW School of Environmental & Forest Sciences emeritus professor has published a new book that charts the history of the university’s College of Forestry, the predecessor of SEFS.

In “Saving Forest Ecosystems: A Century Plus of Research and Education at the University of Washington,” Robert Edmonds writes about the early days of logging to the days of preserving old-growth forests and the current era of climate change.

Edmonds’ book picks up where past UW president Henry Schmitz’s 1973 book, “The Long Road Traveled” leaves off. The latter traces the history of the College of Forestry from 1907 to the mid-1960s.

Edmonds’ book will be published this year by Archway Publications of Bloomington, Indiana.

In a recent interview with UW News, Edmonds talked about the book and the large undertaking of tracking the history of the school. Read the Q&A here.