An Arctic lake in summer.

UW School of Environmental and Forest Sciences Ph.D. student Catherine Kuhn and SEFS Associate Professor David Butman have co-authored a recently published study on how climate change is affecting Arctic-boreal lakes.

The study was published on April 13 in the Proceedings of the National Academy of SciencesKuhn and Butman studied the dramatic changes that lakes within Arctic and boreal regions are undergoing due to global warming. Specifically, they looked at the ecological changes taking place in these lakes. What they found is that greenness in these lakes has decreased by 15 percent.

“Our findings show a relationship between lake color, rising air temperatures, and increasing precipitation, supporting the theory that warming may be increasing connectivity between lakes and surrounding landscapes,” the study reads. “Overall, our results bring a powerful set of observations in support of the hypothesis that lakes are sentinels for global change in rapidly warming Arctic-boreal ecosystems.”

You can read more of the study here.