The Research Group facilitates the development of entrepreneurial interdisciplinary teams to advance the strengths of the School of Environmental and Forest Sciences (SEFS) and the opportunities of the College of the Environment, with the goals of funding, public image and leadership in the College.

Specific Charges

  • Review and evaluate for further funding or redirection all proposals submitted in response to the College’s Environmental Institute RFP
  • Weekly or bi-weekly alert the faculty to research opportunities via the research administrator
  • Develop process for evaluating and providing seed money for new interdisciplinary research initiatives


L. Monika Moskal, associate director and professor, 206-225-1510, lmmoskal@uw.edu


  • L. Monika Moskal, chair, associate director and professor
  • Phil Levin, professor of practice
  • Eric Turnblom, associate professor
  • Aaron Wirsing, professor
  • Mary Fisher
  • Michelle Buonanduci
  • Alex Pane


RFP for McIntire-Stennis Cooperative Forestry Research Funding


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