For building issues of any sort in Anderson, Bloedel, or Winkenwerder Halls, email After hours emergencies (floods, power outages, etc.) call 602-685-1900.


  • Dial 911 in case of an emergency.
  • Know your surroundings:
    • Escape routes are posted in the halls
    • Identify fire extinguisher locations
    • Emergency evacuation assembly points are: for Anderson and Winkenwerder, go to Rainier Vista, south of Stevens Way. For Bloedel, gather on the Burke Gilman Trail at the point where the walkway down to Pacific intersects. Please go to your assembly point so building wardens can verify everyone’s safety.

After reporting an emergency, please send an email to

Security Note: These are public buildings and are not secure. It is your responsibility to keep your items, including laptops, backpacks, and purses securely locked. Never prop an outside door open when it has been locked. If you see someone whom you think doesn’t belong, please call 911, which connects directly to Campus Police. This is very important. Thank you for being proactive where safety is concerned.

Keys/Building Permits

  • To request keys, print a Key Request Form. Have the form signed by an authorized faculty member or supervisor; leave the request at the reception desk in Anderson 107. You will be contacted by email when the keys are ready for pick-up.
  • Keys for the Center of Urban Horticulture/UW Botanic Gardens can be acquired from Carrie Cone in Merrill Hall 123. Please email her at to arrange an appointment.

Office Space Assignment

Student space is assigned by the faculty advisor. Space is assigned to program areas by the School’s Director’s Council and individual areas are controlled by a professor or group of professors with common program interests. If you require additional or alternate space
contact the professor controlling that area.

Mail and Phones

Please pick up your mail and packages regularly. The graduate student mail file cabinet is in Anderson 114. Packages can be delivered through campus mail, or through the usual shipping services.Report phone service problems on UW phones to here.

Room Reservations

These instructions apply to reservations for Anderson Hall Room 22, Forest Club Room and Bloedel Hall Room 292.

  • Check online for availability and to confirm your reservation is scheduled here.
  • Reservation requests are taken by email at In your request, include the name of the function, your phone number, name, date and time.
  • The person making the reservation is responsible for cleaning up after the group. If the room is not cleaned up, you will be held responsible.
  • Fires in the Forest Club Room require permission beforehand.

Coffee and Tea

These are available in the director’s office, 107 Anderson, at a minimal cost. As this offering is a self-supporting operation, we ask that you please pay when you use this service. (60 cents a cup for coffee or tea or $6 for a full carafe) and this includes sweeteners, creamer, cups and stirrers. If you take the last of the coffee, please make a fresh carafe for the next person. While you are welcome to use it for meetings, each pot or cup must be paid for, and you must return the equipment to 107 Anderson immediately after use. You must prepare your own coffee for meetings (rather than taking away a carafe already made).


Alcohol can be served at student events if you have obtained a banquet permit and a faculty sponsor will be in attendance throughout the event. Find the application here. Learn more about the Alcohol and Drug Policy at SEFS. For questions, see Amanda Davis in 107 Anderson,, 685-0952.

Trash and Recycling

Recycling services are available in every building in SEFS. You are responsible for managing the trash and recycling in your office and for placing it in the proper receptacle at the collections points on each floor. Custodians do not enter individual offices, so it will be up to you to empty your trash/recycling.

  • All recyclable products can be mixed together. Use the recycling container in each room, carrying it to the central collection point nearest you in the hallway. (The very small container is for your land fill materials; those must be taken to the central collection to be emptied, as well.) Composting is available on each floor.
  • Batteries, CDs, cell phones and other electronic media can be disposed of at the media collection point in Bloedel 253 or the first floor lobby of Winkenwerder. For surplus equipment or furniture, email if you have furniture or equipment that is no longer needed and that should be removed.
  • For computing equipment, once your advisor has approved getting rid of it, email the IT department at, copying If IT approves, the surplus pickup will be scheduled.

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