This page includes miscellaneous information about financial requests, pay and related policies.

Financial Requests

Please email with your financial requests, including:

  • For travel requests and reimbursements, please scan your documents and attach them to the email (be sure you put the originals in the Financial Services mailbox).
  • For purchase requests, if you know where your goods should be purchased, please provide a link. Otherwise, full details and specifications will speed up processing.
  • For purchase reimbursements, scan and attach your receipts (yes, we will still need to have the originals in the Financial services mailbox, at your convenience).
  • For general inquiries and assistance, provide whatever information you think is relevant.
  • We need to know the business purpose of every trip, purchase, reimbursement, etc.
  • Please provide the budget number to be charged and if you don’t have written budget authority, we need the PI approval on a form or an e-mail approval.

If you need computing equipment, software or software licenses or extensions, the request should go first to, for recommendations on your purchase; they will research and forward to

Student Academic Employees

Student Academic Employees at the University of Washington are governed by a contract between the University of Washington and UAW. Details of the contract may be found here. Salaried positions at SEFS, such as research or teaching assistants, are paid at the ordinary rates in the graduate student salary schedules, according to degree level. Hourly rates for graduate students are $24 per hour and for undergraduates $20 per hour.

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