Launched more than a decade ago and hosted every spring, the Sustaining Our World Lecture explores complex issues of natural resource conservation and management in the Pacific Northwest and beyond. Topics have ranged from large carnivore conservation to the human-nature connection, wildfire management, building tall with wood and more. Past speakers have included our own faculty, as well as many other academic fields and disciplines, including architects, environmental writers, elected officials and other prominent experts.

Previous Sustaining Our World Lectures

In 2017, “The Future of Conservation: Lessons from the Past and the Need for Rewilding of Ecosystems,” was presented by Professor Emeritus Anthony Sinclair from the University of British Columbia.

Sinclair was one of the most influential ecologists in the world. His research has included long-term studies of the Serengeti—nearly 50 years of data, and counting—to projects in Africa, Australia, Canada and New Zealand. He has explored everything from the regulation of mammal populations to the causes of migration and its consequences on ecosystem processes. His Sustaining Our World Lecture addressed the vital importance of rewilding ecosystems to preserve biodiversity and the stability of natural systems around the globe.

2016: “Witness Tree: My year with a Single, 100-Year-Old Oak” – Lynda Mapes
2015: “Human Nature: Care for Our World is Care for Ourselves” – Molly Steinwald
2014: “PLANT CUT BUILD REPEAT: Natural Solutions to Complex Problems” – Michael Green

When Humans and Nature Collide

Are Cities for the Birds?
Bats in Managed Forests
Challenges of Forest Stewardship

From Fire to Flowers

Forests Aflame: Strategies and Challenges for Managing Fire in the West
Form & Textural Contrast in Garden Design & Plant Selection
Who Shapes the Visual Landscape, and Does It Matter?

Tales from the Forest

A Warmer Pacific Northwest: Lessons from the Past
Climbing, Research and Teaching: Adventures, Accidents, Change, and Joy
Of Insects and Ecosystems

Creating Futures Since 1907

History of Forestry in the United States (transcript)
A View from the Commissioner of Public Lands
Natural Resource Issues in the Pacific Northwest: The Next Century

Carnivore Conservation in the Pacific Northwest

Carnivore Conservation in the Pacific Northwest

Climate, Forests, and Future

Trees as Providers and Inspiration for Our Lives

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