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Hispanic Access Foundation MANO Project Internship

The Hispanic Access Foundation MANO Project is offering enriching internship experiences nationwide for Latinx college students and upcoming professionals who are passionate about public land conservation and natural resources. MANO is offering opportunities to talented Latinx students and recent grads who may be interested in getting work experience with a federal land management agency. 

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Vacancies: CMER Wetland Scientist and Board Member Position Announcements

The Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission is looking to hire a CMER Wetland Scientist. This position is associated with the Washington State Forest Practices Adaptive Management Program and will participate in a team-oriented research and monitoring program with a focus on evaluating the effectiveness of Washington state forest practices rules and regulations applicable to forested wetlands and riparian areas. 

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SEFS scientist is lead author in paper about smoke, wildfire predictions

Wildfires are a common occurrence across the country today, so predicting where they will happen is of great interest to scientists and the public in general.
UW School of Environmental and Forest Sciences research scientist Susan Prichard, along with researchers from UW and Michigan Technological University, have created the first comprehensive database of all the wildlife fuels that have been measured across North America in an attempt to better predict where wildfires will occur, according to a recent story by UW News. 

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SEFS professor, student represent UW at Consortium for Advanced Bioeconomy Leadership Education

A School of Environmental and Forest Sciences professor and student recently represented University of Washington at the Consortium for Advanced Bioeconomy Leadership Education (CABLE).
Professor Richard Gustafson and student delegate Danielle Pascoli were among more than 50 student delegates, faculty mentors and leadership team members who attended CABLE in early July in Des Moines, Iowa. 

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