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Director’s Message: Summer 2013

Last December, Forbes magazine published an article on the 10 “worst” college degrees, and a sister article on the 15 “most valuable” college degrees. Even though I immediately disagreed with the reduction of “value” to a dollar figure—and noted that “most valuable” is not a direct antonym for “worst”—the message to readers was unmistakable: A college degree is valued by the employment potential and the starting wages for recent grads. 

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Thesis Defense: Maria Sandercock!

As part of a delightful deluge of defenses today, the first of three comes at 1 p.m. in Anderson 107 when Maria Sandercock gives the public portion of her Master’s Defense, “The Role of Patterns of Urban Development on Stream Benthic Index of Biotic Integrity Scores.”
Sandercock’s committee includes SEFS Professors Daniel Vogt and Susan Bolton, along with Marina Alberti. 

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Dissertation Defense: Eric Delvin!

As part of a tripleheader coming up tomorrow on Thursday, May 30, Eric Delvin will be defending his dissertation at 2 p.m.: “Restoring Abandoned Agricultural Lands in Puget Lowland Prairies: A New Approach.”
In his official public defense, Delvin will discuss his five years of research, share results of seeding and companion planting experiments of Castillej levisecta, and highlight a research design feature of the project called Staged-Scale Restoration. 

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Grad Student Spotlight: Laura Cooper

When Laura Cooper moved from Pittsburgh to Seattle about eight years ago, she was eager for a change of scenery—a better mix of city and nature, skyscrapers and sky. “I was looking for a city on the coast,” she says, “and I was attracted to the idea that in Seattle you could be on a boat and then go skiing later that same day.”
A few years after she arrived, though, the economy collapsed in 2008. 

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Thesis Defense: Megan McPhaden!

Are you interested in local agriculture? Salmon? Clean water? Want to hear about ditches?! Then come out to Megan McPhaden’s Master’s Thesis Defense this Wednesday: “Effects of Agricultural Drainage Ditch Maintenance on Water Quality in the Snoqualmie River Valley.”
McPhaden’s research is in partnership with the King Conservation District and contributes to the question of how agricultural waterways can be managed to support the needs of both local farmers and endangered salmon. 

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