A common story reported these days is about the benefits of going outside and into nature. A story in the March 2019 issue of Columns, a University of Washington alumni magazine, touched again on these benefits, and also shared that scientists don’t know exactly why we benefit from time in the outdoors.

As part of the story, Josh Lawler, SEFS professor, was interviewed for the story:

“‘The more we know about the reasons we get these benefits—is it the lack of people, is it the quiet, is it visual cues or smells, is it the chemicals coming from the trees—the better we can describe the kind of outdoor experience you need,’ says Joshua Lawler, an ecologist and lead Nature for Health researcher, whose own office at the School of Environmental and Forest Sciences is filled with greenery. Ivy drapes down his bookshelves and potted ferns sit atop his desk.”

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