Joshua Lawler

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  • Joshua Lawler

    • Professor

    Research areas

    Landscape ecology; conservation biology

    B.A., Biology and Environmental Studies, Bowdoin College
    M.S., Wildlife Ecology, Utah State University
    Ph.D., Ecology, Utah State University

    Joshua Lawler is currently accepting graduate students. 


    • ESRM 441 | Landscape Ecology (5) - Autumn

    Current Sponsored Projects

    • John Day Ecological Assessment
      We will use available aerial photographs, on-the-ground global positioning and current, standard plant and animals keys at the John Day/ Willow Creek Project to complete an expanded comprehensive inventory of terrestrial species of flora and fauna on approximately 10,000 acres of project lands and delineate ecological communities.
    • Northwest Environmental Forum
      We propose to conduct three specific NW Environmental Forum activities in 2019. First, we will host the third installment of the Northwest Nature & Health Symposium. Second, we propose to hold one or more EarthLab Incubators—series of smaller meetings designed to incubate ideas or design initiatives. Finally, we will convene one or more small meetings to help develop the concept of a FixerFest—a large festival of environmental solutions and innovators to be conducted in partnership with Grist.
    • Climate Refugia and Resilience Atlas: Identifying Priority Areas for Conserving Species of Concern in a Changing Climate
      The objective of this study is to produce a digital atlas of refugia and resilience for species in the Pacific Northwest. We will combine synthetic maps of refugia and resilience produced by multiple research efforts with maps of species ranges and habitats to produce a digital atlas. We will produce a digital atlas of refugia and resilience for species of interest to USFWS, NPS, and BLM as well as the state wildlife agencies of WA, OR, and ID.

    Selected publications

    CE Littlefield, M Krosby, JL Michalak, JJ Lawler. 2019. Connectivity for species on the move: supporting climate‐driven range shifts. Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment 17(5): 270-278.  Link

    S Kawas, SK Chase, J Yip, JJ Lawler, K Davis. 2019. Sparking interest: A design framework for mobile technologies to promote children’s interest in nature. International Journal of Child-Computer Interaction 20: 24-34.  Link

    BG Dickson, CM Albano, R Anantharaman, P Beier, J Fargione, …2019. Circuit‐theory applications to connectivity science and conservation. Conservation Biology 33(2): 239-249.  Link

    JA Heinrichs, JJ Lawler, NH Schumaker, LE Walker, DA Cimprich, …2019. Assessing source-sink stability in the context of management and land-use change. Landscape Ecology 34(2): 259-274.  Link

    CA Runge, AJ Plantinga, AE Larsen, DE Naugle, KJ Helmstedt, S Polasky, …2019. Unintended habitat loss on private land from grazing restrictions on public rangelands. Journal of Applied Ecology 56(1): 52-62.  Link