David Diaz
Sándor Tóth

Two members of the School of Environmental and Forest Sciences community will be serving on the Washington Department of Natural Resources’ (DNR) Sustainable Harvest Technical Advisory Committee.

Associate Professor Sándor Tóth and Ph.D. student David Diaz, who also serves as the director of forestry technology & analytics of Ecotrust, were invited to serve on the committee because of their unique expertise and experience with sustainability.

The committee is a multidisciplinary group that will work with DNR to evaluate and improve the technical aspects of calculating sustainable harvest level.  

“In addition, DNR is beginning work to set a new sustainable harvest level for state trust lands east of the Cascades,” according to a release from the agency. “This work will guide the management of approximately 680,000 acres of forests, and help DNR respond to forest health and climate change challenges affecting them.”

The committee meets quarterly and includes at least six members.