Sandor Toth

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  • Sándor Tóth

    • Associate Professor

    Research areas

    Natural Resource Informatics; sustainable forest and natural resource management; spatial forest planning and optimization; forest engineering and operations research; reserve design

    My primary field of interest is developing quantitative decision support tools to aid forest and natural resource management. I am particularly interested in building and testing mathematical models that can quantify and visualize the resource trade-offs and production possibilities between conflicting management objectives. I do research in the areas of (1) forest management planning, including spatially explicit harvest scheduling models and multiple-criteria forest planning; (2) operations research, including integer programming, multiple-criteria optimization, and multiple-criteria decision support systems; and (3) the economics of non-timber forest benefits.

    M.S., Forest Engineering, University of Forestry and Wood Sciences, Sopron, Hungary
    M.S., Agriculture, Shinshu University, Nagano, Japan
    Ph.D., Forest Resources and Operations Research, Pennsylvania State University


    • ESRM 461 | Forest Management and Economics (5) - Spring
    • SEFS 540 | Optimization Techniques for Natural Resources (5) - Spring

    Selected publications

    Kai L. Ross, Sándor F. Tóth and Weikko Jaross. 2018. Forest Harvest Scheduling with Endogenous Road Costs. Interfaces. 48(3): 260-270.  Link

    Ross, K., and Sándor F. Tóth. 2016. A Model for Managing Edge Effects in Harvest Scheduling Using Spatial Optimization. Scandinavian Journal of Forest Research. 37(1): 646-654.  Link

    McDill, M.E., S.F. Tóth, R. St. John, J. Braze, and S.A. Rebain. 2016. Comparing Model I and Model II Formulations of Spatially-Explicit Harvest Scheduling Models with Adjacency Constraints. Forest Science 62(1): 28-37.  Link

    Roesch-McNally, G., S.S. Rabotyagov, J. Tyndall, G.J. Ettl, and S.F. Tóth. 2016. Auctioning the Forest: A qualitative approach to exploring stakeholder responses to bidding on forest ecosystem services. Small-Scale Forestry 15(3): 321-333.  Link

    Svetlana Schroder, Sandor F. Toth, Robert Deal, Greg Ettl. 2016. Multi-objective optimization to evaluate tradeoffs among forest ecosystem services following fire hazard reduction in the Deschutes National Forest, USA. Ecosystem Services 22(B): 328-347.  Link