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Grad Student Spotlight: Laura Cooper

When Laura Cooper moved from Pittsburgh to Seattle about eight years ago, she was eager for a change of scenery—a better mix of city and nature, skyscrapers and sky. “I was looking for a city on the coast,” she says, “and I was attracted to the idea that in Seattle you could be on a boat and then go skiing later that same day.”
A few years after she arrived, though, the economy collapsed in 2008. 

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Thesis Defense: Megan McPhaden!

Are you interested in local agriculture? Salmon? Clean water? Want to hear about ditches?! Then come out to Megan McPhaden’s Master’s Thesis Defense this Wednesday: “Effects of Agricultural Drainage Ditch Maintenance on Water Quality in the Snoqualmie River Valley.”
McPhaden’s research is in partnership with the King Conservation District and contributes to the question of how agricultural waterways can be managed to support the needs of both local farmers and endangered salmon. 

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Thesis Defense: Lauren Grand!

This coming Tuesday, May 28, fresh off the holiday weekend, you should leap at the chance to hear Lauren Grand give the public defense of her Master’s Thesis, “Identification of Habitat Controls on Amphibian Populations: The Northern Red-Legged Frog in the Pacific Northwest.”
Join Grand, her committee chair Kristiina Vogt, and committee members Daniel Vogt and Marc Hayes to discuss Rana auroa‘s population controls and habitat needs in an urbanizing landscape. 

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Thesis Defense: Mahsa Khorasani!

This Friday, May 24, at 11:30 a.m. in Anderson 22, Mahsa Khorasani will be defending her Master’s Thesis: “Cylindrocarpon species in Pacific Northwest Douglas-fir Nurseries: Phylogeny and Effects of Temperature and Fungicides on Mycelial Growth.”
Douglas-fir nurseries play an important economic role in the Pacific Northwest timber industry. 

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SEFS Seminar Series: Week 8 Preview

SEFS Research Associate Van Kane studies ecology at large scales using airborne LiDAR (a portmanteau of “light” and “radar”). For this talk in Week 8 of the SEFS Seminar Series, he’ll describe his work looking at how fires are reshaping the structure of forests in Yosemite National Park with some unexpected results and implications for how forests should be restored! 

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Thesis Defense: Colton Miller!

This Thursday, May 23, at 10 a.m. in Winkenwerder 107, Colton Miller will be defending his Master’s Thesis: “Reforesting Surface Coal-Mined Land Using Douglas-fir Seedlings in Washington State.”
Land productivity can be substantially degraded by surface mining, which introduces such problems as erosion, landslides, floods and loss of habitat. 

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