Christian Torgersen

  • Affiliate Assistant Professor
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  • Christian Torgersen

    • Affiliate Assistant Professor

    Research areas

    B.A., Geography, German, Clark Honors College, University of Oregon
    M.S., Ph.D., Fisheries Science, Oregon State University

    Christian is currently accepting graduate students, particularly those with or pursuing external funding.

    Landscape ecology, freshwater ecology, watershed processes, spatial and temporal analysis, scale, remote sensing


    • SEFS 521b | Seminar - Current Topics in Forest Research: Ecological Scaling (2) - Autumn (alternate years)

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    Selected publications

    Mejia, F.H., C.E. Torgersen, E.K. Berntsen, J.R. Maroney, J.M. Connor, A.H. Fullerton, J.L. Ebersole, and M.S. Lorang. 2020. Longitudinal, lateral, vertical, and temporal thermal heterogeneity in a large impounded river: Implications for cold-water refuges. Remote Sensing, 12(9): 1386.

    Gendaszek, A.S, J.B. Dunham, C.E. Torgersen, D.P. Hockman-Wert, M.P. Heck, J. Thorson, J. Mintz, and T. Allai. 2020. Land-cover and climatic controls on water temperature, flow permanence, and fragmentation of Great Basin stream networks. Water, 12(7): 1962.

    Lawler, J.J. and C.E. Torgersen. 2020. Assessing the relative importance of factors at multiple spatial scales affecting terrestrial and aquatic wildlife. Current Landscape Ecology Reports, 5: 12-24.

    Richardson, J.J., C.E. Torgersen, and L.M. Moskal. 2019. Lidar-based approaches for estimating solar insolation in heavily forested streams, Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, 23: 2813-2822.

    Fullerton, A.H., C.E. Torgersen, J.J. Lawler, E.A. Steel, J.L. Ebersole, and S.Y. Lee. 2018. Longitudinal thermal heterogeneity in rivers and refugia for coldwater species: Effects of scale and climate change. Aquatic Sciences, 80: 3.

    Dittbrenner, B.J., M.M. Pollock, J.W. Schilling, J.D. Olden, J.J. Lawler, and C.E. Torgersen. 2018. Modeling intrinsic potential for beaver (Castor canadensis) habitat to inform restoration and climate change adaptation. PLoS ONE 13(2): e0192538.

    Steel, E.A., T.J. Beechie, C.E. Torgersen, and A.H. Fullerton. 2017. Envisioning, quantifying, and managing thermal regimes on river networks. BioScience, 67: 506-522.