Gregory Ettl

  • Associate Professor
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  • Gregory Ettl

    • Associate Professor

    Research areas

    Sustainable forestry; forest ecology; silviculture

    B.S., Science Education and Zoology, University of Wisconsin
    M.A.T., Biology Teaching, University of Washington
    Ph.D. Ecosystem Analysis, University of Washington

    Greg Ettl is accepting graduate students, pending available funding. 


    • ESRM 428 | Principles of Silviculture and their Application (5) - Autumn
    • SEFS 526 | Advanced Silviculture Seminar (2) - Winter

    Current Sponsored Projects

    • Climate Change Applications and Implementation in National Forests
      This project partnership will allow the PNW Station to (1) provide timely CCVAs, adaptation plans, and other products to USFS Regions in the western U.S., (2) assist USFS units with implementation of climate-informed land management plans, environmental assessments, programs, and project plans; (3) enhance the relationship with UW, and (4) maintain national leadership in climate change research.
    • Climate Applications and Implementation in National Forests
      In this project, we will develop science-management partnerships that will (1) provide information on climate change and drought, (2) assess the effects on forest and rangeland ecosystems, and (3) develop management responses that can be implemented to reduce negative effects.
    • Climate Change Applications in National Forests
      In this project, we will develop science-management partnerships that will (1) provide education on climatic variability and change, (2) compile vulnerability assessments for multiple resources (vegetation, water, wildlife, fish, etc.), (3) develop adaptation strategies and tactics that can be implemented to reduce negative effects, and (4) assist with incorporation of climate-smart principles in resource management and planning.
    • The Western Mountain Initiative: Vulnerability and Adaptation to Climate Change in Western mountain Ecosystems
      We will address the extent to which climate drivers are mediated by regional- or watershed-scale controls on ecosystem processes, thus quantifying vulnerability to climate change in mountain ecosystems. Region-specific results and emergent West-wide patterns will be shared with resource managers through workshops and a comprehensive web-based toolkit on climate-change science and adaptation management.

    Selected publications

    Aghai, M. M., Khan, Z., Stoda, A. M., Sher, A. W., Ettl, G. J., & Doty, S. L. (2019). The Effect of Microbial Endophyte Consortia on Pseudotsuga menziesii and Thuja plicata Survival, Growth, and Physiology Across Edaphic Gradients. Frontiers in Microbiology, 10, 1353.  Link

    Vilanova, E., Ramírez-Angulo, H., Torres-Lezama, A., Aymard, G., Gámez, L., Durán, C., … & Ettl, G. J. (2018). Environmental drivers of forest structure and stem turnover across Venezuelan tropical forests. PloS one, 13(6), e0198489.  Link

    Diaz, D., Loreno, S., Ettl, G., & Davies, B. (2018). Tradeoffs in Timber, Carbon, and Cash Flow under Alternative Management Systems for Douglas-Fir in the Pacific Northwest. Forests, 9(8), 447.  Link

    Ameyaw, L., Ettl, G., Leissle, K., & Anim-Kwapong, G. (2018). Cocoa and Climate Change: Insights from Smallholder Cocoa Producers in Ghana Regarding Challenges in Implementing Climate Change Mitigation Strategies. Forests, 9(12), 742.  Link

    Fischer, P., Cullen, A., Ettl, G.J. 2017. The effects of forest management strategy on carbon storage and revenue in Western Washington: A probabilistic simulation of tradeoffs. Risk Analysis 37(1): 173-192 doi: 10.1111/risa.12611  Link