Indroneil Ganguly

  • Assistant Professor
  • Associate Director, CINTRAFOR
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  • Indroneil Ganguly

    • Assistant Professor
    • Associate Director, CINTRAFOR

    Research areas

    Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of bio-based products; forest products marketing; forest economics

    In Dr. Ganguly’s current position as Research Assistant Professor in the School of Environmental and Forest Sciences at the University Washington in Seattle, he is leading the life cycle assessment (LCA) and environmental footprint analysis efforts for the Northwest Advanced Renewables Alliance (NARA) bio-jet fuel project. In general, Dr. Ganguly’s current research interests can be broadly categorized into three major groups (i) environmental evaluation of various forms of bio-energy and estimating the true carbon footprint and environmental consequences of bio-based technologies/products using life cycle assessment (LCA), (ii) exploring the role of environmental certification programs and environmental laws on global wood products industries (Asia focus), and (iii) investigating the socio-economic and cultural consequences of natural resource management among indigenous communities. Dr. Ganguly has developed research collaborations with multiple universities in the US, Italy, Canada, China and India. He has also developed significant research ties with various US based industry/trade associations/NGOs.

    B.Sc., Economics, University of Calcutta
    MBA, Natural Resources and Rural Management, Indian Institute of Rural Management
    Ph.D., Forest Products and Marketing, University of Washington


    • QSCI 482 | Statistical Inference and Hypothesis Testing (5) - Autumn

    Current Sponsored Projects

    Selected publications

    F Pierobon, M Huang, K Simonen, I Ganguly. (2019). Environmental benefits of using hybrid CLT structure in midrise non-residential construction: An LCA based comparative case study in the US PNW. Journal of Building Engineering. 100862

    CX Chen, F Pierobon, I Ganguly. (2019). Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT) Produced in Western Washington: The Role of Logistics and Wood Species Mix. Sustainability 11(5): 1278

    K Song, I Ganguly, I Eastin, C Dou, R Bura, A Dichiara. (2019). Structure–property relationships of hydrothermally treated western hemlock. SN Applied Sciences 1(1): 84

    Alanya-Rosenbaum S, Bergman RD, Ganguly I, Pierobon F. 2018. A comparative life-cycle assessment of briquetting logging residues and lumber manufacturing coproducts in Western United States. American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers 34(1): 11-24 doi: 10.13031/aea.12378

    Ganguly, I., Pierobon, F., Bowers, T., Huisenga, M., Eastin, I., Johnston, G. 2018. ‘Woods-to-Wake’ Life Cycle Assessment of Residual Woody Biomass Based Jet-Fuel Using Dilute Acid Pretreatment. Biomass and Bioenergy 108(January): 207-216 doi: 10.1016/j.biombioe.2017.10.041